Photo Workshops

“The workshop was incredible.Dave really out-did himself, and the cowboys and cowgirls were really great.They are all really amazing people…These workshops really are the best thing I’ve done in a long time.You feel alive when you get done.”  - Andrea

Stoecklein Photography offers a series of photo workshops led by Dave Stoecklein in and around Dave’s ranch, the Bar Horseshoe Ranch, in Mackay, Idaho and other western ranches.  The Bar Horseshoe ranch is nestled against the tallest mountain peak in Idaho, Borah Peak, standing at 12,668 ft and folded into the majestic Big Lost mountain range.  Dave invites you to accompany him as he continues his exploration and documentation of the American West. He’ll share his knowledge and experience (and even some of his secrets!).

You’ll find yourself right alongside Dave, at the Bar Horseshoe Ranch in Mackay, Idaho or at one of the special locations shooting in the thick of the action, marveling at a quiet sunset over the mountains, or tracking down some of the elusive wildlife in a gorgeous and remote landscape. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to experience the western way of life and hang out with Dave as he shoots photos of real working cowboys and cowgirls at nearby ranches and the stunning landscapes and raw nature surrounding the Big Lost and Smoky Mountains. Find out what inspires Dave and hear some side-splitting anecdotes about his time on the road.

Dave has spent more than 30 years creating images that capture the spirit of the American West. He has worked closely with ranchers and cowboys from every western state. Through his work, Dave has gained a deep understanding and admiration for cowboys. His quest to keep the spirit of the West alive is heartfelt and uncompromising. He spends every free moment photographing cowboys and all elements of their lives, preserving their rich western heritage and a way of life that is rapidly disappearing.

Please Call Brittany at 208.726.5191 or email for more information on the photography workshops!

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