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Watchin' the Herd

The Wrangler

The Lesson

The Lacey Ranch Horse Drive

Winter Ride

Winter Pasture

Fred Reyes

Steve Aslet

All The Pretty Horses

The Cutting


Handmade Boot and Spur

Snowy Fence

Montana Evening


Tack and Wire

Winter's Ghost

Mother and Child

Takin' a Break

Four Corners Buckaroo Camp

Crossing the Big Lost River

Branding at the Corralitos Ranch

Ground Work

Jerry Doyle 40º Below

Mike Seal

Jay Hoggan, Island Park, ID

Orange Woolies

Warming Up

Yellow Rose of Texas

Buckskin and Lace

Stage Coach

Lynn Brown

Tammy Pate


Winter's Chill

Roger Peters and Crew

David Ross' Spur

Craig Boyd

Cody Jayo

Checking the Mill

Monte Funkhouser

Texas Rain

Pitchfork Saddle Horses

Coming to Water

Foggy Morning

Haughian Livestock Company

Unmarked Spur

Trail's End

Padlock Ranch Saddle Horses

Testing the Cowboys

Delwin Amy

Evening at the Bunkhouse

Cowboy Meeting

California Gold

Very Rare GS Garcia Elko Star Spur

Monte, Bill and Lynn

Dunne Ranch

Hubing Ranch

Cowboy Boot

Buckaroo Watch

Gettin' a Drink

Comin' in for a Drink

Coolin' Off

Blue Bell

Dave Boyle Ranch

Lynn Greenfield

Peggy Godby

Jack Goddard, Bar 13 Ranch

Diana Wigen

Branding at the Jack Ranch

Hot Iron

Filing into the Basin.

Range Bull

Cotton's Bull

Ghost Riders

Zolinger Ranch

Snowline Grazing Association

LX Saddle Horses

Thomas Saunders V

California Big Loop

Brigin' in the Longhorns

Brett Reeder

Cashbaugh Cow Camp

Yokohl Valley Cattle Company

Evening Shower

Pitchfork Ranch

Lorna & John Steiner

Nevada Mustangs


Come and Get it!

Kyle, Bubba and Buster

Al Smith


Wild Rag

Gate Ornament

Raymond Jayo, Payette , ID

Bubba Smith

Duke Pederson

Bar Horseshoe Ranch


Texas Star

Cape Medicino

Dragging Y Cattle Company

Paint Horses

Nicole Wines

Jackie Jayo

A Cowboy's Dream

Runnin' in the Dunes

Al Smith, Pitchfork Ranch

James Gosen

Holding the Lines

Morning Moon

Blizzard Feeding

California Reata

The Remuda

Waiting his Turn

Nathan Kelly

Buster McLaury

Ray Seal

Tom Moorehouse

Cotton Riley

Jay Hoggan

Hyser Saddle

Brass Bound Stirrups

Walton Ranch

Cool Running

Mark Gomes

Please Get Up!

Bud Montes

Big Loop Rodeo

Big Loop Rodeo

San Emigidio

Onyx Ranch

Tejon Ranch

Marty Black

Brett & Lincoln Zollinger

6 am Ready to Ride

The Boys from Medicine Lodge

Joy Hawks

Shannon Wilson

Sam Thomas

Lynn Greenfield

Quirk and Fly Tassle

Tom Saunders

Yokohl Valley Cattle Company

Quarter Horse, RA Brown Ranch

Quarter Horses, RA Brown Ranch

Yearlings, RA Brown Ranch

THe Wild Bunch

Sheridan Ranch

Shane Hoopes

Saunders' Twin V Ranch

Chet Vogt And Jack Sparrowk

Chet Vogt

Branding at Elk Creek Ranch

Donelle Greys

Leading the Remudas

Square Lake, Idaho

Tommy Vaughn

Dont Fence Me In

Ernest Morris, handmade hackamore

Trophy bit

Ernest Morris, handmade Reata

C & C Cattle Company

Testing the Waters

Ride Like the Wind

Harry the Cowdog

West Texas Windmill

Branding Crew

Airin' Out

Cowboy Teepees

Tom B Saunders, IV

Tom, Frosty and Newt

Winter Cattle Drive


There They Are

Walt Vermedahl

Pitchfork Ranch, Guthrie, Texas

Bud Montes

Hero of the Storm

Wild Horse Roundup

Spring Blizzard

Snowline Grazing Association

Home for Christmas

Jay Hoggan

Tom Saunders V

Pitchfork Ranch, Guthrie, Texas

Red Cliffs

Turning them out

Watching the Remuda

Rupp Ranch

Arco, Idaho

Fort Worth, Texas

Bozeman Montana

Miles City, Montana

Dillon, Montana

Jackson, Wyoming

Holding the coils

Padlock Ranch

Jay Hoggan, McGarry Ranch

Dave Brown

Bubba's Butt

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